Guadalajara Highlights

Guadalajara offers you:

  • A well-established business community
  • Facilities provided by the state authorities for the installation of business.
  • International Firms for legal, accounting and tax consulting services.
  • An appropiate climate for business in Guadalajara’s World Trade Center.
  • The biggest exposition center in Latin America with trade fairs and expos all year long.
  • 5.5 million people concentrated in the metropolitan area.
  • Option in hospitals, schools, 11 universities (one of them worldwide recognized as an important medicine school) shopping centers, boutiques and more.
  • Ample and new toll highways across the state to supply the pacific states and the center of Mexico.
  • A large and very active american and canadian community and growing number of executives and families from Japan and Europe.
  • All this leads to offer you the best opportunities to establish and compete in the national market or export.

Cultural attractions are plentiful, including ballet, symphony concerts and colorful mariachi musicians.

Guadalajara is Mexico!